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 Yoga teacher South Notts

We all come to yoga for different reasons. My particular reason, like many of you, was to alleviate pain. I had my first spinal surgery aged fifteen after spending a few months in a wheel chair. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and a good few surgeries later, I now have metal rods and plates in my lumber spine, which were needed to straighten a scoliosis and to fix an anterior fusion. Yoga was recommended to me by my spinal surgeon and I quickly fell in love with it! 

It turns out that everything people say about yoga is true!

Yoga really is a full mind body experience.

I want you to come away from yoga with the same feelings I do. Feeling lighter, brighter, calmer, stronger mentally and physically, and more in tune with who ‘you’ are. I hope you will leave the mat glowing from the inside out and with your mind and body thanking you for showing up to the mat.

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You will see for yourself that my body is still on its own unique journey. I’m not the most flexible yoga teacher you’ll meet! But the great thing about yoga is that it welcomes everyone. The ego is left at the door. Yoga is for EVERY body.


My Training:

I completed Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hours Yoga Teacher training in 2017 with the formidable Anne-Marie Newland, founder of Sun Power Yoga.

I am also a qualified Yoga Therapist for PTSD, training with Heather Mason and the Minded Institute in 2019.



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