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Sun Power Yoga

What is Sun Power Yoga and what can you expect from one of my Nottingham Yoga classes?

Sun Power Yoga was founded by the formidable Leicester based, Anne-Marie Newland. It combines an eclectic mix of four traditional styles of Yoga:

  • Hatha Yoga for theory, philosophy and classical asana (postures)
  • Iyengar Yoga for alignment and posturing
  • Sivananda Yoga for subtle mind and breath work
  • Astanga Yoga for heat, flexibility and stamina

In classes, we practice vinyasa krama, the sequencing of asana (postures), in Sun Power’s own unique blend. This creative and inspiring style of Yoga brings with it a strong focus on alignment, anatomy and physiology.

Anne-Marie trained with Guru Swami Vishnu Devananda at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre In Val Morin Canada and qualified in 1984 in India at The Sivananda Centre, Neyyar Dam. The influences of Sivananda Yoga can be seen in the spiritual connection with the mind and breath work used in Sun Power Yoga. Combined with physical asanas, Sun Power Yoga brings aspects of different elements of Yoga to offer something to suit everyone.

My classes are designed to suit beginner and intermediate levels of practice. They begin with an opening savasana to relax the body, clear the mind and connect with the breath. We follow this with some pranayama (breath work) before beginning the unique blend of asanas that is Sun Power Yoga.  It’s a challenging, flowing and dynamic form of Yoga. All classes end with what is perhaps the most important posture of all, closing savasana; a time to allow the mind and the body to completely relax and absorb all of the goodness you have just given back to it!

All of my classes are tailored to suit your body’s limitations, whatever they may be, with modifications and props available to enable you to get the best from your practice. If you have read about what brought me to Yoga, you will know that my body certainly has its own limitations  and I encourage you to work within your own body’s limitations and learn to accept those – whatever they may be on the day. Music accompanies our practice and I try to use a mix of contemporary music to bring an uplifting yet soothing and calming vibe to our classes!

Sun Power Yoga makes the soul glow! Show up to the mat and your mind and your body will thank you.